Friend Manger provide drag and drop interface to manage your friends

Friend manager lets you drag and drop your Facebook friends into Three different categories

  • Regular Friends
  • Close Friends
  • Acquaintances

In Google+ when you sharing some thing you can manage who going to see your post like you can share some thing for close friends or you can share for public but in Facebook it is very confusing that who going to see your post you have custom option but managing custom option before posting any thing is difficult in such condition friend manager is very helpful.

Go to Friend Manager and Click on Get started then allow the app of Friend Manager in your Facebook account after that all your friends listed in three category according to usage. Now drag Drop your friends into categories.

Once you done with drag drop of your friends in different category when you going to post set privacy you can see a new option  friends except Acquaintances so that your post is not visible to Acquaintances these is thing which make this friend manger different.


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