youRhere New and completely different bookmarking tool for chrome

youRhere is new and completely different bookmarking tool available for chrome browser it is really awesome. It allow you save things on web pages later on you can share with your friends on Facebook and twitter.

Now different thing about this chrome extension is consider you are reading an article on any webpage and want to leave the page in between but want to read article after some time then youRhere will help you just double click on line where you are and youRhere will remember or save and after that you can resume the same article from same line where you saved the article  and you can share with you friends to.

How to Use youRhere Marker

  • Download youRhere and install in your chrome browser  youRhere is background extension hence it always run in background i.e you can see chrome browser icon in your notification area.see the image below

  • After installation you can see youRhere icon in your chrome browser if you click on it you can't see anything because you haven't marked anything.
  • Now Go to any website which you like now you can see small icon following your mouse pointer to save any line double click on line itself with your mouse pointer now you can see a message that you have marked line with line in yellow color.  

  • After marking a line just click on the youRhere Icon you can see your marked line is saved by the youRhere and you can share the article from yourhere to your friends just clicking on share link on you youRhere to you Facebook and twitter friends.
  • If you want to remove marker you can do this in two ways either by double clicking on marked line or by double clicking on different line


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