Toolwiz Time Freeze: Create virtual environment for windows computer

Toolwiz Time Freeze is system utility software which puts actual system in virtual environment and to protect real system. It is like system Restore but more advanced with more features. There are many similar software available but you have to pay money but this is fully free.

When you install fresh copy of windows for some time it runs properly after one or two months your system become slower and slower. People who constantly try new-new software but some time this software bad for your computer at the last result slow down and hangup problem of your computer. Toolwiz Time freeze create safe and secure virtual environment for your computer. Consider you installed a software which creating problem in your system using Toolwiz you can discard all changes you made in your PC.

This software is completely free the software have two more features first is File Protection and second Password protection protects. File Protection protects your files and and folder from unauthorized access. If you enable password protection then to disable or enable Time freeze it will require password this is another awesome feature of this software.

Features Of Toolwiz Time Freeze:
  • System restore and recovery to discard all changes.
  • Protects your files and folder from unauthorized and unwanted access and change in files and folder.
  • Password protection to access the Tollwiz Time Freeze.

How to use Toolwiz Time Freeze.

1. Download Toolwiz Time Freeze from here. It is 1MB setup file support all which is very small such good software. It already have Windows 8 support but it doesn't support windows xp 64-bit version.

2. Install Time Freeze very simple installation you can say one click installation after that it will Restart your system.

3. Now see in your system notification are you can see a new icon double click on icon to open Time freeze.

4. Now you can see two option start Time Freeze and File protection simply Click on Start Time      Freeze button.

5. Now Time Freeze start creating system cache you can see in image it has created 14MB of cache of system out of 1645 MB.

6. Now if you got any problem in your system and want to old state of your system simply click stop Time Freeze after click on you will get two option.

Turn off the protection and save all the changes: It will save all changes you have made in your system this will take some time.
Turn off the protection and drop all changes: This will discard all changes you have made in your system and this will require a restart to complete the process.
Enabling Password Protection

This is free software and it got very good review from C|net, PCworld and many more


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