Smart Pocket Lock a appliction to auto lock or auto unlock you nokia phone

This is new application for Nokia phones to auto lock or auto unlock your mobile phones. This is very good application who don't like to manually lock phone after using or completing a call. This software work on proximity sensor so your Nokia phone also require proximity sensor inbuilt. After installing the app you just need to put your phone in pocket or put phone upside down after that software lock your phone using proximity sensor. To use this app you need to pay RS 25 since it is not freeware.

Working:  This software work on proximity sensor and Proximity switches open or close an electrical circuit when they make contact with or come within a certain distance of an object so when any thing come in contact with sensor of your mobile sensor detects it and send to this software simultaneously software auto lock or auto unlock your phone.

Using rotation sensor

Using proximity sensor

Download app from OVI store.

Supported devices: all Nokia S60 5th edition, Symbian^3, Anna, Belle phones.Appliction is very new and require modification like if you don't want to unlock your phone after removing it from your pocket then also proximity sensor gets working and phone gets unlock this can cause low power problem.

Image used in article from app store


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