How to solve windows blue screen error

I have seen i many forums and website people asking for how to solve windows blue screen error or well known death screen error, Dump memory error. This is most common error which windows users phases. The blue screen come due to Virus, Recent software changes(recently installed new software),recent hardware changes(newly installed hardware), Registry error(error in windows registry Database). When you phase blue screen error your computer able boot or unable to complete booting process.

How to solve windows blue screen error

Follow steps to solve blue screen error.

Safe Mode:  The first step is to  take when you get blue screen error boot your pc in safe mode. when you start your PC press F8 to go in the safe mode if you are not getting blue screen i.e error is due to software or virus or any registry error.

Remove virus: Install any antivirus software and scan your whole system and clean your system so that there is no virus in your computer this may fix your problem. if like you can download Norton antivirus 60 days trial from here.

Uninstall Newly installed Software: You may getting blue screen error due to newly installed any application in your system. when you install any new software that may be incompatible to your system so you getting the error. Remove newly installed application using any uninstaller software because it completely delete all files and registry of incompatible software. Use Revo Uninstaller pro to uninstall the software.

Remove Newly installed any hardware:  you may getting this error due newly installed incompatible hardware in your system. this error may due to faulty memory or lose connection between hard disk to motherboard so remove any new hardware or clean your RAM and check for any lose connection and reassemble your computer that may fix your error.

Repair Registry: Repair your system registry because of error in windows registry database can give you blue screen error. Download advance system care 5.1 scan your system  it will repair your system registry and may fix your problem.

If your PC is not booting try this steps.

a) Try to format your computer and reinstall new windows copy but some time if there is more virus in your hard disk you will get blue screen during formatting of your PC so remove your hard disk from your computer and put in other system and scan your hard disk or simply format your hard disk in other system then put your hard disk back in your system  and now install windows OS in your computer.


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