How to hide your files and folder using WinMend Folder Hidden

This is different that what you normally do to hide your files and folder in windows. I came up with a different software for hide files and folder in your computer called WinMend Folder hidden is free folder and file hiding tool. This utility ensures absolute system safety the application hide your files and folder in local computer and removable devices.when you install the application you will ask for new password after that you can use these software. This ensures your hidden files security from unwanted use of your files.

Steps to use WinMend Folder Hidden

1. Download WinMend Folder Hidden from Here
2.Install in your system and run the application from your desktop Icon. Now you are prompted for enter password.
WinMend Folder Hidden

3.Now select select files or folder which you want to hide from hide files or hide folder button icon .

4. Now you can switch your files in hide mode or visual mode as per requirements.

4.Now whenever you restart WinMind you will ask for password.

Note:- If you want to hide folder in your Flash Drive and want to see in other computer so you will require WinMend in other system to so keep a file of Installer of WinMend in your flash Drive


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