How to access US-only website/services from your country

You are surfing internet and you just got something new it might be a new book,new video or new technology related news and you go to that website and you suddenly see a message from that website content is only available for US country only or US  people only because of publisher published that content for US region only that's why you can't see that content in your country. So here is great service that can help can help you to solve this problem is TunnelBear. It is a VPN service fully secure to use.

TunnelBear creates a secure and encrypted layer or connection through which you can connect server hosted in Us and UK or any other country. Since data flow in secure layer or in virtual Tunnel your connection to Server is secure and private.It provide 500MB Data transfer Bandwidth after that you have to buy new plan you have two option monthly and yearly plan for increase data transfer from Tunnelbear.

Using Tunnelbear you can access Google Voice from your county where you are staying since it is available for US-only. You can watch blocked Youtube video which available for US-only or any new article,new Google ebook which available for US-only.

How to setup TunnelBear.

1)Download TunnelBear from there website it is around 13.60MB setup it will take some time according to your internet bandwidth. After downloading install Tunnelbear setup in your system. it is available for both Mac and PC Sorry for Linux users.

2)After Finishing setup it will ask you to create a new account with option if you have account login in TunnelBear account now click on create new user account and press next.

3)Provide your basic information with your email address for password recovery condition and don't forget to provide Twitter user name because after installation according company promo you will get extra 1Gb data transfer after twitting about company so better you provide your twitter username.

4) Now you require to choose your plan to use service. company has tree type of plan first with small Bear image is free plan with 500MB Per month free tunneling second is paid plan i.e with medium Bear image Unlimited tunneling for $5 per month and third is yearly plan with big Bear Image choose according to your uses or if your just testing software select free one and press next.

5)After that you are asked to install TunnelBear VPN software driver in your system press install button to complete the installation of software in your system.

By the Time installation is going Go to your mail account which you given during creating TunnelBear account you will see a new mail from TunnelBear team open that mail you can see a link in that mail press link to activate your account otherwise it will create problem during Signing process.

6)After installation of VPN Driver software it will automatically start Signing you in TunnelBear account

7) After completing Signing you can see Home screen of the software Blue color glass like effect in middle of software screen showing connection and available amount of tunneling remaining for you.
from home screen you can put software in off or on mode from same place you can switch your location from US to UK by simple old style wood buttons.

Since Company Running Promo you can get 2GB of extra tunneling by twitting about software click on Twitter Icon to twit after twitting you will get 1GB extra space and you can get 1 more GB space by liking there Facebook page click on Facebook icon to like the page and get 1GB more tunneling. In above image you can see twitter and Facebook icon is disabled for me because i got 2 GB free tunneling


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