Avast Free Antivirus 2012 with three major update

Avast Free antivirus got updated with some security update and darken and light effect GUI avast recently updated it's all product avast internet security, avast Pro antivirus,Avast Free antivirus. Avast is one of the best security software maker with more feature provided in it's free antivirus this time avast specially made many changes in antivirus with major security updates

The latest and major update in new avast antivirus is

  • Streaming, real-time virus database updates: one of the major change made in Hybrid update technology now you get each virus signature in real time from avast i.e you need not wait for tradition update your database continuously updated with latest update this is one of best feature available in free antivirus .

  • Remote Assistance: Let you take remote help from your one of friend or any person who agree to help you  just you need to give code generated by avast  to assisting person to Allow computer access or you can access any friend computer to assist in any problem .

  • File reputation system: File reputation system help you determine whether a file is safe or harmful before open it. it keep by how much avast user used the file you downloaded from internet how new this file is by this it decides a file is safe or harmful.

avast introduced a new web based management console to see which services running in avast real time shield. In these vies you can see files scanned in real time, web shield, mail shied, script shield, behaviour shield. By clicking on any service you can see detailed about that service.

Including these updates avast made many improvement old services like web rep is now available for safari browser to with improvement in the Auto Sandbox to automatically sandbox any application automatically to run that application in safe environment so that it can't harm your computer.

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