Top 4 Browser extensions for Bloggers

Zemanta: Zemanta is a blogging dashboard designed for bloggers. It support all popular blogging platforms eg blogger, wordpress, Typepad, Tumblr,Movable Type, Drupal and Posterous. The main features are Add Affiliate Links ,beautiful images and insert link in your post to spice your post.

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PageRank Status: Shows the google page Rank, alexa page rank, of your blog or any website you have opened in your browser. show the information about the website and ip and geo location of website.

Speed Tracer: Speed Tracer track your website loading time  if your website takes to much time to load traffic to your website reduces. Web page performance can impact its ranking in Google.

Whatfont?: what font finder is simple plugin to find the font used on any website and provide the name of the font and which company is produced that font and from which family. Font families can be disabled for test degradation for cross platform support.


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