Run Windows XP programs in Windows 7 with windows xp Mode

Here is very special feature of windows 7 Run windows xp compatible programs windows 7 now you will normally think that we are telling about windows 7program compatibility no this is different and special feature of windows 7.In windows 7 you can run windows xp compatible program by program compatibility feature then also some xp program won't run properly most know programming software.

Turbo C and some old games also this software also can be run using this feature.

Tools we Require for windows Xp mode.

1. Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise(bad news for  windows 7 home premium and home basic Because this won't work in it.)

2. Windows XP Mode.

3. Windows Virtual PC.

Install Windows XP Mode in Virtual PC.

1. Go to The Link.

2. Select your windows 7 version and language of Windows 7 version.
3. Then you will prompted for downloading windows xp mode this is 500 mb file.

4. Then you will prompted for download virtual PC download. Now install windows Virtual PC by opening the downloaded Setup.

5.After installation of windows virtual pc Windows Virtual PC provides a simple wizard
to setup windows xp Mode.

Open Windows XP Mode .

1. Go to start.
2. Click All Programs.
3. Click Virtual PC from List.
4. Click Windows XP Mode.

How to Install Your Windows Xp Program.

1. Go to My computer in windows xp and browse the software you want to install and open the file.

2. Install program normally as you install in windows.

3. Exit Windows XP Mode.

4. Run the Windows XP program from your Windows 7 desktop.

Now find your windows xp mode program.

1. Go to start menu -> all program ->Windows Virtual PC ->Click Windows XP Mode Application,
and then click the program you want to open


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