How to turn a webcam into a security system (camera)

More of times you use your webcam simply click Images and chating onlinebut you can use your webcam in many use full ways in which one for securityWhen you are not at your home or office you can secure your office or home by using your webcam as security system.let utilize webcam as a security systemor security camera i have selected two different software first one is Vitamin D works for both mac and windows user which is not completely free you can only get Starter edition for free of cost and another is Yawcam which is available for windows user only and software is completely free of cost.

I recommend to use Yawacam because it is completely free and you can use all features In Yawcam you can store video in disk or you can make a ftp server.

1.Download Yawcam from here .

2.Install Yawcam .

3.Go to setting control panel and enable motion so it can detect motion.

The software can also be set to alert you or start recording when motion is detected whenever software detect any motion in front of camera at that instant it record video put the video on your disk or on ftp server as per your setting.

For any Help and support and setting of Yawcam Go To


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