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Friend Manger provide drag and drop interface to manage your friends

Friend manager lets you drag and drop your Facebook friends into Three different categories

Regular FriendsClose FriendsAcquaintances
In Google+ when you sharing some thing you can manage who going to see your post like you can share some thing for close friends or you can share for public but in Facebook it is very confusing that who going to see your post you have custom option but managing custom option before posting any thing is difficult in such condition friend manager is very helpful.

Go to Friend Manager and Click on Get started then allow the app of Friend Manager in your Facebook account after that all your friends listed in three category according to usage. Now drag Drop your friends into categories.

Once you done with drag drop of your friends in different category when you going to post set privacy you can see a new option  friends except Acquaintances so that your post is not visible to Acquaintances these is thing which make this friend manger different.

How to find which software will work in windows 8

If you want to install windows 8 in your system the first question in mind is will my software is going to work in Windows 8. Major problem is motherboard drivers if it not work you can't do anything like if your sound driver not work then no sound from your system. some of software already have compatibility with Windows 8 software which compatible in my computer is Avast Antivirus 2012, VLC media player and all my motherboard driver etc.

To check compatibility of software in your system do the following step.

1. Download setup utility from here  and click on Download windows 8 consumer preview button it is around 5 MB file.

2.Now open the setup you have downloaded and wait for some time it takes some seconds to check compatibility of software after some time it will show you list of software compatible with windows 8.

How to find Windows 8 Product key 3. after showing compatibility software report press next then software will provide you windows 8 product key.

The universal pro…

Facebook new photo viewer similar to Google+

Facebook recently changed style of viewing the image. This is similar to the Google+ photo viewer now when you click on any image on Facebook  new dark color pop window will open with all comments of that photo on the right side of the image so that you don't have to scroll down to see all the comment and right the comment.

Switch to the old style Facebook Photo Viewer.

Some of them don't Like this style of photo viewer and want to switch to old style photo viewer. Follow the one of the given way to switch to the old style photo viewer.

1. Hold the Ctrl button and click the photo which you want to see this will open a new tab with same image you clicked without lightbox effect.

2.while you seeing a photo with new Facebook style photo viewer simply reload or press F5 now your photo will load in old style photo viewer.

3.Go to address bar and  simply remove “&theater” from your photo URL and hit enter this will reload your photo with old style photo viewer

How to solve windows blue screen error

I have seen i many forums and website people asking for how to solve windows blue screen error or well known death screen error, Dump memory error. This is most common error which windows users phases. The blue screen come due to Virus, Recent software changes(recently installed new software),recent hardware changes(newly installed hardware), Registry error(error in windows registry Database). When you phase blue screen error your computer able boot or unable to complete booting process.

Follow steps to solve blue screen error.

Safe Mode:  The first step is to  take when you get blue screen error boot your pc in safe mode. when you start your PC press F8 to go in the safe mode if you are not getting blue screen i.e error is due to software or virus or any registry error.

Remove virus: Install any antivirus software and scan your whole system and clean your system so that there is no virus in your computer this may fix your problem. if like you can download Norton antivirus 60 days trial…

How to hide your files and folder using WinMend Folder Hidden

This is different that what you normally do to hide your files and folder in windows. I came up with a different software for hide files and folder in your computer called WinMend Folder hidden is free folder and file hiding tool. This utility ensures absolute system safety the application hide your files and folder in local computer and removable devices.when you install the application you will ask for new password after that you can use these software. This ensures your hidden files security from unwanted use of your files.

Steps to use WinMend Folder Hidden

1. Download WinMend Folder Hidden from Here
2.Install in your system and run the application from your desktop Icon. Now you are prompted for enter password.

3.Now select select files or folder which you want to hide from hide files or hide folder button icon .

4. Now you can switch your files in hide mode or visual mode as per requirements.

4.Now whenever you restart WinMind you will ask for password.

Note:- If you want to hid…

Edit images online on

I got a simplest way of editing images inside your browser you even don't require any special skills to edit images these is most simple way to edit images. is Free and simple online editor you can save and share edited image from website it self you only need to be registered to save and share edited website. You can completely change a simple image by editing you can set color different effects ,increase and decrease brightness, contrast.

Features of enThread online Editor.

Hue/Saturation/LightnessBrightness/ContrastColors(You can Adjust RGB)Filters(Sharpen and Blur)Process(Sepia,Desaturate,Solarize,Invert,Edges)UndoCompareResetSave/Share
A Quick Video Demo Of  online image editing

Join your Facebook ,twitter, google + account Using G++ Browser extension

Make your social networking easy with awesome and fantastic application G++. Using G++ browser extension available for both Firefox and Google chrome you can merge/connect your Google+ with your Facebook and Twitter account. If you sharing any thing on Google+ and want to share same on Facebook and Twitter you can do easily from Google + with help of G++ extension. This application reduces your effort to update same thing on different social networking site by this app you update at one place and same thing is shared on all connected social networking site.

How to setup G++
1. Download G++ According to your Browser. FirefoxChrome .

2. Now you will prompted to download the application download and save in your computer.

3. Now install application since the file is unknown for system simply drag and drop file in your Firefox or chrome browser then you will we prompted to install application and restart your browser.

4. Now Login in your Google+ account you can see difference in your Goo…

Google + for Android gets updated

Google + for android gets updated with two very hot features what's Hot and who +1'd with some of  the performance tweak to run app faster scrolling down and up in the app is now very easy due to shortened post stream. In the older version of app when you refresh feeds the app jumps to top now this problem is removed from updated version of app.

What's Hot

what's hot is similar to Twitter trending topic in what's hot app show you most popular post and the post which is most attracting and more people commented and +1'd the topic.

Who + 1'd

As the name this feature so you who +1'd the post and commented on that post. In the older version of app you can only see the number +1'd but in new version you can see the users who +1'd the post.

Total Updates in new version.

    Massive performance improvements across the app
    What's Hot!
    View who +1'd a post or comment
    Stream posts shortened to fit more per scroll
    Infinite photos feed…

Easily see who is in the group a new feature of Facebook

After launching Google+ Facebook has made many changes in Facebook and recently Facebook added a new feature in Facebook group. This is very good feature which Facebook had made in  group to enhance the group. Now when you go in any group of Facebook you can see new bar at the top where you can see the images of members and name of group member after hover the mouse on image of that group which is very good also for search friends and know about group.

Image of new Feature.

As this is good feature but again this problem for members of that group because any one can see any Timeline of member of that group and again unwanted and unknown friend request from unknown people and again target for spammer.

youRhere New and completely different bookmarking tool for chrome

youRhere is new and completely different bookmarking tool available for chrome browser it is really awesome. It allow you save things on web pages later on you can share with your friends on Facebook and twitter.

Now different thing about this chrome extension is consider you are reading an article on any webpage and want to leave the page in between but want to read article after some time then youRhere will help you just double click on line where you are and youRhere will remember or save and after that you can resume the same article from same line where you saved the article  and you can share with you friends to.

How to Use youRhere Marker

Download youRhere and install in your chrome browser  youRhere is background extension hence it always run in background i.e you can see chrome browser icon in your notification area.see the image below
After installation you can see youRhere icon in your chrome browser if you click on it you can't see anything because you haven't marked…

Smart Pocket Lock a appliction to auto lock or auto unlock you nokia phone

This is new application for Nokia phones to auto lock or auto unlock your mobile phones. This is very good application who don't like to manually lock phone after using or completing a call. This software work on proximity sensor so your Nokia phone also require proximity sensor inbuilt. After installing the app you just need to put your phone in pocket or put phone upside down after that software lock your phone using proximity sensor. To use this app you need to pay RS 25 since it is not freeware.

Working:  This software work on proximity sensor and Proximity switches open or close an electrical circuit when they make contact with or come within a certain distance of an object so when any thing come in contact with sensor of your mobile sensor detects it and send to this software simultaneously software auto lock or auto unlock your phone.

Using rotation sensor

Using proximity sensor

Download app from OVI store.

Supported devices: all Nokia S60 5th edition, Symbian^3, Anna, Belle p…

Toolwiz Time Freeze: Create virtual environment for windows computer

Toolwiz Time Freeze is system utility software which puts actual system in virtual environment and to protect real system. It is like system Restore but more advanced with more features. There are many similar software available but you have to pay money but this is fully free.

When you install fresh copy of windows for some time it runs properly after one or two months your system become slower and slower. People who constantly try new-new software but some time this software bad for your computer at the last result slow down and hangup problem of your computer. Toolwiz Time freeze create safe and secure virtual environment for your computer. Consider you installed a software which creating problem in your system using Toolwiz you can discard all changes you made in your PC.

This software is completely free the software have two more features first is File Protection and second Password protection protects. File Protection protects your files and and folder from unauthorized access.…

Avast Free Antivirus 2012 with three major update

Avast Free antivirus got updated with some security update and darken and light effect GUI avast recently updated it's all product avast internet security, avast Pro antivirus,Avast Free antivirus. Avast is one of the best security software maker with more feature provided in it's free antivirus this time avast specially made many changes in antivirus with major security updates

The latest and major update in new avast antivirus is

Streaming, real-time virus database updates: one of the major change made in Hybrid update technology now you get each virus signature in real time from avast i.e you need not wait for tradition update your database continuously updated with latest update this is one of best feature available in free antivirus .

Remote Assistance: Let you take remote help from your one of friend or any person who agree to help you  just you need to give code generated by avast  to assisting person to Allow computer access or you can access any friend computer to assi…

How to access US-only website/services from your country

You are surfing internet and you just got something new it might be a new book,new video or new technology related news and you go to that website and you suddenly see a message from that website content is only available for US country only or US  people only because of publisher published that content for US region only that's why you can't see that content in your country. So here is great service that can help can help you to solve this problem is TunnelBear. It is a VPN service fully secure to use.

TunnelBear creates a secure and encrypted layer or connection through which you can connect server hosted in Us and UK or any other country. Since data flow in secure layer or in virtual Tunnel your connection to Server is secure and private.It provide 500MB Data transfer Bandwidth after that you have to buy new plan you have two option monthly and yearly plan for increase data transfer from Tunnelbear.

Using Tunnelbear you can access Google Voice from your county where you ar…

All Facebook Brand Pages will get timeline at the end of 30 March

After launching Google+ Facebook had made many changes to enhance and make Facebook more secure and added many features. Around 3 month ago Facebook launched Timeline feature for user account some of them like timeline feature and someone keep searching how to remove timeline from my account and now Facebook adding Timeline feature to brand pages by the end of March 30 2012.

Today when i visited my website fan page i seen a notification at the top of my brand page with flag written On 30 March 2012, all Facebook Pages will get a new design i.e timeline is going to be added to all brand pages.

you can preview timeline before applying on your page and after customisation you can apply it on your Brand page.
Here is My website Fan page

How to enable Right Click On any Website

Some time you visit to any website you like the content or you want to make project on it and want to copy the content as you right click you get a pop message Right click is disabled. This is because website owners want to make there website copy protected for that purpose the use simple Javascript to disable Right click on the website.


1. Download RightToClick Browser Addon for Firefox  and Install in your browser.

2.Now go to website which has disabled right  now right click on that website you will get a pop saying that Function Disabled with check box stop dialog pop from this website. check the box and press Ok button.

3. Now Try to copy the content you will able to Copy

Watch Blocked YouTube Videos

Some time you play any video on Youtube and you get an error Saying "This Video is not available in Your country" this is because content owner allowed access of that video in some region. When you try to access this type of videos Youtube scan's your computer IP if your computer is not from accessible region then Youtube gives you error.

To cross this barriers of youtube you have to use a proxy server or a proxy software but this job you can simply do with simple browser extension called ProxTube. this is simple browser extension available for both Chrome And Firefox Download and install in your browser now you can play Blocked YouTube Videos

How to turn a webcam into a security system (camera)

More of times you use your webcam simply click Images and chating onlinebut you can use your webcam in many use full ways in which one for securityWhen you are not at your home or office you can secure your office or home by using your webcam as security system.let utilize webcam as a security systemor security camera i have selected two different software first one is Vitamin D works for both mac and windows user which is not completely free you can only get Starter edition for free of cost and another is Yawcam which is available for windows user only and software is completely free of cost.

I recommend to use Yawacam because it is completely free and you can use all features In Yawcam you can store video in disk or you can make a ftp server.

1.Download Yawcam from here .

2.Install Yawcam .

3.Go to setting control panel and enable motion so it can detect motion.

The software can also be set to alert you or start recording when motion is detected whenever software detect any motion …

Rajnikanth website runs without internet it's Real

After seeing this post normally you will think that this is fake or Joke but truly this is real the website is designed by Gurbaksh Singh. Running a website without the internet is a tribute to Rajinikant.

Go To entering the site you will see  Rajinikanth image  with Gun ,song and message He is no ordinary man , This is no Ordinary website It Runs on Rajni Power Remove Internet connection to enter the website.

After that remove internet connection from your computer don't just disconnect remove your LAN cable to than only you can enter in website. After entering website you can know about Rajni and his joke and his life it is good website and got several thousands of hits and counting.

After connecting to internet you will get error in Rajni style

"Aiyyo! That was unexpected. To keep browsing, switch off your internet

Use to search within your Gmail attachments

Image is service which let you search information like words, image even sound from your gmail attachments. you can search attachment in gmail by to,from or file name of attachment but this service allow you to search things inside the attachment. To use the service, create an account by signing up with your existing gmail account account.

Once you created your account on  It will then begin indexing messages in your inbox. Once they indexed your attachment you can search from your gmail account and from chrome and Firefox extension available for this service. The service provide free app for i-phone users.

This service is free for personal purpose but if you want for your business you have to pay for these service 14 days free trail is available for business customers. If you remove your account from they delete every data from there server. Go To create free account on

Top 4 Browser extensions for Bloggers

Zemanta: Zemanta is a blogging dashboard designed for bloggers. It support all popular blogging platforms eg blogger, wordpress, Typepad, Tumblr,Movable Type, Drupal and Posterous. The main features are Add Affiliate Links ,beautiful images and insert link in your post to spice your post.


PageRankStatus: Shows the google page Rank, alexa page rank, of your blog or any website you have opened in your browser. show the information about the website and ip and geo location of website.

SpeedTracer: Speed Tracer track your website loading time  if your website takes to much time to load traffic to your website reduces. Web page performance can impact its ranking in Google.

Whatfont?: what font finder is simple plugin to find the font used on any website and provide the name of the font and which company is produced that font and from which family. Font families can be disabled for test degradation for cross platform support.

Run Windows XP programs in Windows 7 with windows xp Mode

Here is very special feature of windows 7 Run windows xp compatible programs windows 7 now you will normally think that we are telling about windows 7program compatibility no this is different and special feature of windows 7.In windows 7 you can run windows xp compatible program by program compatibility feature then also some xp program won't run properly most know programming software.

Turbo C and some old games also this software also can be run using this feature.

Tools we Require for windows Xp mode.

1. Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise(bad news for  windows 7 home premium and home basic Because this won't work in it.)

2. Windows XP Mode.

3. Windows Virtual PC.

Install Windows XP Mode in Virtual PC.

1. Go to The Link.

2. Select your windows 7 version and language of Windows 7 version.
3. Then you will prompted for downloading windows xp mode this is 500 mb file.

4. Then you will prompted for download virtual PC download. Now install windows Virtual PC by open…

Find Out Who Unfriended You On Facebook

Here is simple trick to find who unfriend you on facebook. This is a js script which let you know which friends have removed you, who has deactivated their accounts, people you have requested friendship with and who has declined your friend request. This script is available for chrome, opera, firefox, safari.

Steps To use Unfriend finder.

1. Firefox:- download Greasemonkey and install. for other browser simply search Greasemonkey and install.

2. Install Unfriend Finder script for firefox

3. Login in your facebook account know you can see your unfrinded friends notification.

Note: This script can not tell you which profile(s) had you on their friend list before it was installed.

Unfriend Finder is not retroactive

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman is Launched in India. This phone is runs on android v2.3 (Gingerbread) and powered with a 1.5 GHz Scorpion processor with andreno 205 GPU.

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman Specification

OS         Android OS, v2.3 (Gingerbread), planned upgrade to v4.0Chipset     Qualcomm MSM8255 SnapdragonCPU         1 GHz ScorpionGPU         Adreno 205Sensors     Accelerometer, proximity, compassMessaging     SMS (threaded view), MMS, Email, Push email, IMBrowser     HTML, Adobe FlashRadio         Stereo FM radio with RDSGPS         Yes, with A-GPS supportJava         Yes, via Java MIDP emulator

- 3.2 inches
- 16,777,216 color TFT
- 480 x 320 pixels

- Internal phone storage: up to 320 MB
- RAM: 512MB
- Memory card slot: microSD™, up to 32GB

* Actual free memory may vary due to phone pre-configuration.
- UMTS/HSPA 900/2100
- UMTS/HSPA 850/1900/2100
- GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900

Available colours
- Black - White

Possible limited market availability.


Samsung Omnia W

My first mobile review about Samsung Omnia W powered by windows Phone 7.5 Mango operating system and you can download applications from windows marketplace. It is powered by 1.4 Ghz CPU. This mobile has Super AMOLED display which provide better touch screen and weather touch experience. This mobile is 3G enabled and support HSPA. This mobile is very slim around 150g in weight available in black colors.

Samsung Omnia W Description

1. Windows Phone 7.5 Mango operating system
2. 5MP Cam With Flash
3. Bing Maps
4. Windows Live Skydrive (Free 25GB Storage)

Battery: Li-Ion 1500mAh
Weight: 155 g

          Size: 480*480 Pixels
          LCD display with 16000000 colors
5.0 megapixel camera

Browser:- Internet Explorer9
8 Gb inbuilt storage

Advance System Care 5.1 with windows 8 support

IOBIT launched updated version of advance system care 5.1 with support for windows upcoming operating system for windows 8. Advance system care speed up your PC Performance and internet access protect you from malware adware spyware and from internet risks. This software is very easy to use and simple and boosts your pc performance.

In this version IOBIT introduced a new feature Real-time optimization with ActiveBoost function. ActiveBoost, technology that actively runs in the background intelligently managing system resources in real-time, constantly detecting inactive resources and optimizing CPU and RAM usage.

Download free Advance System Care 5.1

Free high speed Wi-fi at Delhi Metro Airport Express Stations

If you are in Delhi and want to use free Wi-Fi for fast browsing then you can use free Wi-Fi service at Delhi Airport Express Stations. This service is available at New Delhi and shivaji stadium stations of Delhi airport.

from 13 jan'12. and other metro station will be wi-fi enabled shortly.The free inaugural service is available for a limited time and subsequently the service will be surf internet browse the web download songs,movies and videos and enjoy the free service.

For more information visit the company website. Reliance Metro